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Richelle McCollum teaches clinical hours for NURS 429L, NURS 431L, NURS 449L and NURS 470L. She believes that all hands-on experiences are crucial in order for nursing students to obtain the highest quality of education throughout their program. She encourages students to ask questions consistently, as nurses are always learning and will gain new knowledge even after they are caring for patients independently.

McCollum has been a nurse for four years and has enjoyed continuing her education and obtaining new knowledge about the nursing field as well as focusing on the best ways to educate new, upcoming nurses in order to prepare them adequately before they graduate. She has taught as a clinical instructor for one semester and is excited to continue teaching upcoming generations of nurses.

Clinical instruction is extremely hands-on, and McCollum encourages all students to see as many sides of nursing as they possibly can throughout their clinical hours. That is the best time to experience different specialties and understand how extremely diverse nursing can be.