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PhD, Education with specialization in Education Technology and E-learning: Northcentral University
MSN, Nursing: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center


As an advanced practice nurse (APRN) and Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Critical Care Nursing, including a twenty-five year certification history in Critical Care (CCRN), Janice Holvoet brings more than 30 years of nursing expertise, in both practice and education, to her current position at CMU.

Holvoet completed her master’s degree in nursing through the University of Colorado, where she also obtained her Advanced Practice Degree in Nursing (Masters) as a Clinical Nurse Specialist with a focus on Adult Critical Care. Holvoet received her PhD in Education with an emphasis in Educational Technologies and E-learning from Northcentral University.

Published Work 

Holvoet, J. (2017). E-learning and the meaning of resistance-acceptance: A post-intentional phenomenological study of nursing faculty in pre-licensure education. Northcentral University: ProQuest Dissertations.

Holvoet, J. (2014). Using affective pedagogy in distance learning. In D. Ondrejka, Affective Teaching in Nursing (pp. 113-124). New York, NY: Springer.