Photo of Emily Pettis

Emily Pettis

Advanced Medical-Surgical Clinical Instructor

Contact Information

Maverick Center



BSN, Colorado Mesa University


In Fall 2016, Emily began instructing for the Advanced Med-Surg Clinical. Her hope while instructing is to provide a nurturing environment where students can educationally and emotionally flourish. She will go the extra mile to provide ample support, education, and guidance needed to be a successful, responsible and confident nurse. She leads by example by bringing her personal experiences into learning opportunities. She tries to engage her students by bringing in medical gadgets, telling stories and showing excitement. 

As far as professional interests, she has a passion for the critical care patient and family. Every patient and story touches her heart. Her favorite topics are trama, neurology and sepsis. Her certifications include advanced life support, pediatric advanced life support, trauma nursing, emergency pediatric trauma nursing and critical care registered nursing. 

Emily spends her free time mostly with her family. She has no children of her own, but she has many nieces and nephews. She likes spending her time outdoors exploring and also her quiet time alone at home. 

Emily has four years of critical care experience. For the last year, she has been in the Shift Supervisor role (AKA "charge nurse") where she is responsible for patient throughput, staffing decisions, assisting staff with decision making in emergency situations, responding to in-house STEMIs and Code Blues, communicating with doctors and performance evaluations. 

Emily also has experience working at an Endoscopy Clinic assisting the doctor during procedures by administering conscious sedation and monitoring the patient.