Photo of Aparna Palmer

Aparna Palmer

Professor of Biology

Contact Information

Wubben Hall and Science Center 211G



PhD, Washington State University

BA, Colorado State University

BS, Colorado State University


Aparna Palmer, PhD, specializes in marine biology, invertebrate zoology and phylogenetics/population genetics. Palmer teaches a wide variety of courses including Principles of Animal Biology and its accompanying lab, Invertebrate Zoology with its lab, Marine Biology, Evolution and Senior Thesis. She also teaches a field course on the Oregon coast on Marine Invertebrate Communities both at the undergraduate and at the graduate levels. As a research mentor, she works with students in the Structured Research and Advanced Research courses.

The focus of Palmer's scholarly interests has been to characterize the natural histories and population genetics of invertebrates. She works with undergraduate researchers on projects that range from understanding how populations of marine invertebrates along the Pacific Northwest coast may have evolved using a population genetic approach, to describing the natural histories of a group of under-investigated microscopic organisms known as tardigrades (water bears). She has also collaborated with researchers at other universities to contribute to knowledge of the Sin Nombre hantavirus and on a group of tropical plants in the genus Piper.

Selected Publications

Palmer, A.D.~N. 2009. DNA isolation and amplification from formaldehyde-fixed animal tissues rich in mucopolysaccharides, pigments, and chitin. Preparatory Biochemistry and Biotechnology 39 72-80.

Richens, T., Palmer, A.D~N., Hucks, J., Prescott, J. and Schountz, T. 2008. Genomic organization and phylogenetic utility of deer mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus) lymphotoxin-alpha and lymphotoxin-beta. BMC Immunology 9 62-72.

Dyer, L., and Palmer, A.D~N.. Eds. 2004. Piper A model genus for studies of chemistry, ecology, and evolution. Kluwer/Plenum Academic Press. New York.

Herbst, M., Prescott, J., Palmer, A.D.~N., and Schountz, T. 2002. Sequence and expression analysis of deer mouse interferon-gamma, interleukin-10, tumor necrosis factor, and lymphotoxin-alpha. Cytokine 17 (4) 203-213.