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September 18, 2020

The Grand Junction Fire Department, School District 51, Grand Junction Economic Partnership, Grand Junction Area Chamber, Grand Junction Airport Authority, Grand Valley Business Incubator and other community leaders gathered Thursday on campus to personally test CMU’s new saliva testing pilot project. During the demonstration the Safe Together, Strong Together team was also able to highlight a positive case study that showed a CMU testing and contact tracing success story.

After a single positive test was found through the university's random sampling program, the contact tracing team was able to work with coaching staff and players to quarantine the Mavily unit before the virus could spread.

The following week task force leaders were able to use saliva screening tests to clear the team for practice marking a success for the contact tracing team, the random testing protocol and the LAMP (saliva) testing pilot project.

When the CMU Football team was cleared from resumed practice on Monday, the workout was a milestone and a reminder about the important work being done and the success of the infrastructure and Safe Together, Strong Together system designed to manage COVID-19.

Beyond this effort, the ST2 team is also integrating new and more nuanced data into the CMU COVID-19 Dashboard. This updated dashboard will supply the campus community with a picture that is clear about campus prevalence rates and the viruses’ behavior on campus.

As we finish navigating the first month of our return to campus, health remains top of mind. Don’t forget next week is the St. Mary’s Regional Blood Center Blood Drive. This is yet another way for the Mavily to support our larger community health and wellness.

Make CMU Blood Drive Appointment
Dominguez Hall
Tuesday, September 22
11am - 2pm
Please remember to wear your mask!