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July 24, 2020

Variables never stop changing as CMU responds to the global coronavirus pandemic. Since the beginning, our team has adjusted on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. We can adapt because of the framework of Safe Together, Strong Together. The initiative has organized the people, tools and talents needed to evolve our strategy as the virus conditions change. Even more important is that our campus strategy is based on an ideal and belief about the importance of higher education. This foundation helps keep our hands steady as we work toward safely returning to campus.

As of noon today, thousands of students, faculty and staff have signed up for their COVID-19 pre-semester test. If you did not receive your email or text invitation, please go online here and enter your 700# in the access code field to schedule. This incredible milestone is the result of a partnership engineered by our leadership team and COVIDCheckColorado — a social benefit enterprise of the Gary Community Investment group — to help CMU with operations of testing, symptom tracking and case investigation and contact tracing on campus.

While all that we hear and read about are stories about a virus we cannot see, CMU’s upcoming in-person commencement will occur on August 1, 2020 and will be visible for all to see. Attendance is restricted for health reasons, but as always the ceremonies will be livestreamed from the university website. Not every university is fortunate enough to be able to host an in-person graduation in 2020, so each of us should cherish this precious milestone ceremony and what it represents for students, parents and people affiliated with CMU.

On Thursday, July 23 Safe Together, Strong Together Co-Chairs John Marshall and Amy Bronson hosted a Facebook Live information session for community and parents. If you have not watched the video, check it out. Leading by example, President Foster will be the first Maverick to receive baseline testing under the new partnership and will be joined by CMU’s management team on Monday.

As we are well into the 30-day countdown for returning to campus, much work remains. In the week ahead, Academic Affairs will be hosting Zoom updates with faculty, President Foster will host updates with alumni and donors and CMU will host a tele town hall for parents on Friday, July 31.