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March 29, 2021

Dear Mavericks,

Vaccines are available in Mesa County to a wide range of citizens, and we encourage you to schedule your vaccination as soon as possible: 

  • Faculty and staff vaccine registration
  • Student vaccine registration

If you received a vaccination through an entity other than Community Hospital (a local pharmacy, the County, Marillac Clinic, etc.) please take a moment to fill out the Third Party Covid Vaccination Form. This quick and easy step will assist our public health and medical advisory team in future decision-making about campus COVID safety.

As members of the campus community vaccinate, many have asked if they may stop using masks. At this time, mask protocols remain in place for indoor activities on campus and, while not required, are recommended for outdoor events where social distancing cannot be maintained.  Please see the CMU COVID-19 General FAQs for more information.

These protocols are based on public health orders and guidance from our local health department, state health department and the CDC. While we anticipate relaxing some protocols as more members of the community vaccinate and infections continue to trend down, we ask that you remain vigilant for the time being.

Thank you,

Dr. Amy Bronson
Vice President John Marshall
Safe Together Strong Together Co-Chairs