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January 26, 2021

As we start the spring semester, now is the time to double down on our safety protocols:

Masks are required in all indoor spaces unless you are (1) in your office/room, AND (2) maintaining social distance of six feet. Those who have contracted/recovered from COVID-19 and those who have been vaccinated must continue to follow this safety protocol. If you are a faculty or staff member requesting an accommodation to not wear a mask, please contact Human Resources. If you are a student who needs an alternative to wearing a face mask (such as wearing a face shield) or needs to be fully online, please submit the form at

Daily use of the Scout Wellness Passport is required. Scout has been modified this semester to include green, yellow and red screens. If you did your baseline test at a non-CMU partner site you will need to upload your negative results, until you do this you will have a yellow screen. A yellow screen will also appear for anyone who has not completed baseline testing, and anyone who needs to quarantine because of close contact with a known positive case. If you have a yellow screen and are quarantining, you may access grab-n-go food options from The Caf but may not attend class. Quarantine will be required until a negative PCR result is received, per CDC Guidance. The “travel” portion of Scout has been removed and the campus community will no longer be required to abstain from traveling outside certain counties.

Pre-semester testing for COVID-19 is required. All faculty, staff and students who plan to utilize any on-campus facilities or are taking any in-person classes, must have a test within 2-4 days of moving in and/or attending any in-person classes. (Please note if you tested positive for COVID-19 after October 25, 2020, you do not need to retest as part of pre-semester baseline testing, per CDC guidelines. You will simply need to document your positive test result through the COVID Test Results Eform). Details on testing are available online.

Participation in all randomized testing is also required. If you fail to participate in randomized testing, you may receive a hold on your account. Please pay close attention to your MAVzone email and any telephone calls from CMU’s contact tracing team.