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July 17, 2020

I'm pleased to share with you our Safe Together, Strong Together (ST2) interim report. The document highlights the milestones of CMU’s response to COVID-19 and lays out the framework for responding to the pandemic in the future.

The pandemic is an opportunity for universities like CMU to reconnect with our foundational purpose and move forward responsibly with a renewed commitment to sustaining civil society. The stakes are high—both for our country and our university—and continuing to transform lives and deliver knowledge is something we must do.

Beyond the foundation for a return to campus planning effort, the practical, specific, operational components of the plan are central to our success.

I want to thank our Task Force Co-Chairs Dr. Amy Bronson, and Vice President John Marshall, and staff and faculty from across campus who have spent countless hours preparing for our return to campus this fall, for their commitment and dedication.

Students, parents, faculty, staff, and community members are encouraged to review the interim report and supply feedback during the final 30-days of the planning process. Campus leaders will continue to update the plan as new state and local health orders are issued.

In the coming days/weeks, we'll share additional details on our COVID-19 testing, symptom tracking and contact tracing protocols.


President Tim Foster