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October 12, 2020

Dear Residents,

Thank you for helping us remain open for face to face classes all semester!  It is because of your conscious and respectful behaviors that we have been able to accomplish what other universities have not been able to do.  Thank you.

Colorado Mesa University strongly encourages all students to leave campus for this Thanksgiving break.  

  • Meal plans end November 24 and resume January 18
  • All MAVcards have access shut off November 25 – to reenter your residence, you must have followed one of the processes described below.

January 18 or later return to campus:

  • January return will be like August move in – staggered, reserved time required, card must be reencoded to enter residence hall
  • Provide NEGATIVE COVID test results prior to moving in (more information on testing will be posted on the CMU COVID-19 website)
  • Residents must sign up for move in time (check your email in December!)
  • Residents are encouraged to take valuables home, but may leave belongings in assigned rooms


Request to return to campus between November 24-January 18:

  • If you must remain on campus or return anytime between November 24-January 18, to ensure campus safety, you are required to APPLY/REQUEST to stay in the residence halls through MY HOUSING on MAVzone by NOVEMBER 2.
  • Only specific reasons will be approved, i.e. j-term class, work on campus or in community, housing insecurities (or homeless), required athletic practices, graduation
  • All applications will be reviewed and approved or denied
  • Anyone returning to campus with approved reason/application must:
    • Sign up for a specific move in date/time (after approval)
    • Have MAVcard reencoded at move in time
    • Quarantine for 48 hours, test for COVID, remain in quarantine until results post, NOT work until NEGATIVE COVID test results are shown
    • Once a student has returned to campus, all travel restrictions will apply
    • Required to complete the Scout check daily
  • Additional meal plan (Nov. 29-Dec. 10) brunch and dinner each day, may be added for $275
    • Available as you complete the request to stay on campus
    • Financial assistance may be available to those that qualify
    • MAVmoney may be used at other venues that remain open if you choose not to purchase the break meal plan

All residents must either, sign up for a “return to campus” date or an “request for winter housing” application on MY HOUSING.

Have a great break and enjoy some time off!

Jody Diers, Director of Residence Life