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January 21, 2021

Today we are celebrating the launch of The Future is Now pandemic response plan. We celebrate because CMU is open again this semester offering in-person classes. With gratitude, we celebrate because CMU is prepared and ready for the spring semester!

Not all universities are as excited about the future because not everyone can share in the same pandemic response milestones as achieved by CMU. We are open for learning because of the hard work and innovations outlined in The Future is Now planning update.

You might wonder why students are releasing a music video alongside the pandemic response plan. The video symbolizes that Mavericks are relentlessly serious when it comes to safety, continual improvements and technology, however, as clearly seen in the face of each student, we also share an equally strong commitment to optimism, joy, humor, gratitude and confidence as we move forward into the future. In fact, seriousness and fun are not mutually exclusive and a whole lot of both are central to CMU’s campus culture.

Mavericks are so passionate about communicating this message that the CMU Foundation is offering a $1,000 Future is Now scholarship. Students, parents or grandparents need only share the video on Facebook to be eligible to win this scholarship award. Watch the video on Facebook, share it and use the #FutureIsNowCMesaU between January 21-February 4 to automatically enter yourself or your student to win. If selected, you can transfer the scholarship award to the student of your choice.

I have asked Dr. Amy Bronson and Vice President John Marshall to provide an overview of The Future is Now plan today at 10am MT. This broadcast is available from the CMUnow Stream Team and the Facebook Live broadcast can be found here.

When students thought that I might be too busy to join them in their music video, I told them I wouldn’t miss it for anything. I’m not sure what they really think of my dance moves, but when I think of their creativity and optimism, I believe their Maverick Spirit is unmatched. Their passion to learn, despite the pandemic, is refreshing and rejuvenating and is the foundation of what we do as a campus.

The Future is Now begins today. The spring courses begin next week — let’s make this semester a great one!

Tim Foster, President