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August 30, 2021

As we start the second week of the Fall 2021 semester, we are rolling out an updated COVID-19 Data Dashboard. The landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic is continually changing, and the dashboard has evolved to reflect campus-level data that continues to inform our policies and response to the pandemic. We encourage campus and the greater community to review this new dashboard to stay informed about the latest trends and developments regarding COVID on campus. Here is a breakdown of the information presented on the Data Dashboard:

The Campus Alert Level is a four-step, color-coded scale — Green > Yellow > Orange > Red — indicating the relative alert level of the campus based on a series of data considerations developed with MCPH. Read more about this new alert scale.

The Campus COVID-19 Burden barometer measures the two-week case count compared to the campus population. This measure gauges the overall impact that COVID-19 has on the campus community. Note: There is not a direct correlation between the colors on the Campus Alert Level and the Campus Burden since multiple factors impact the alert level.

One- and two-week Case Counts represent the total number of positives cases during one- and two-week spans.

Reinfections are calculated as the percentage of positive cases in individuals who previously tested positive for COVID-19, allowing us to monitor the frequency of new infection.

Breakthrough Cases are calculated as the percentage of positive cases in individuals who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Isolation/Quarantine Room Availability pie chart represents how much bed capacity—both on campus and off—that the university has in a given week to quarantine or isolate individuals to prevent further spread.

The Likely Source of Exposure represents the percentage of cases investigated by the contact tracing team that identified the source of exposure as occurring on campus or off campus – or the source of exposure as unknown.

Semester To-Date Testing metric is unchanged and helps the campus community track the total number of tests and positive cases recorded since our efforts began in late July.

The Campus Protective Immunity metric shows the current calculated campus protective immunity level. The literature on protective immunity suggests that both acquired immunity from vaccination and natural immunity post-infection provide a layer of protection from more severe outcomes to COVID-19. We know that protection on campus is impacted by both vaccinations and those that have previously contracted COVID. Read more about protective immunity.

We hope this dashboard is helpful as we continue to carefully mitigate, test, detect and manage the COVID impact on our campus.