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July 2, 2020

In six weeks, we'll return to campus and start an historic academic year. Life on campus will be different this fall and we will continue to update you on what you can expect.

Here's an update on some of the Academic Adaptions Committee work, the largest and most exhaustive committee of our COVID-19 Safe Together, Strong Together Planning Initiative.


  • Monday, August 3: Mandatory COVID-19 Testing begins (more info forthcoming)
  • Sunday, August 9: Early Start Programs for incoming students begin (e.g., FYI)
  • Saturday, August 15: MavNation and Welcome Week programs begin
  • Monday, August 17: Full Semester and First Module classes begin
  • Friday, October 9: Fall Break
  • Saturday, November 21: Thanksgiving Break starts
  • Monday, November 30: Courses resume remotely. Based on the recommendation of local health officials, CMU students will not return to campus following the Thanksgiving break, but rather will complete the remainder of the fall semester remotely.
  • December 7: Final examinations begin (remote)
  • December 10: Semester ends
  • December 11: Commencement Ceremony (details to be announced)
  • Spring 2021 semester calendar will be announced later

View the complete semester calendar online.

If there is an outbreak (as determined by public health officials) during the term requiring a change to fully remote delivery, CMU will "pause" the calendar for one week to allow time for students to move home and for faculty and students to reset for the completion of the semester. While this scenario results in the semester being completed one week later than the current schedule, it would only be implemented if a resurgence occurs. More information about public health guidance and case tracking on campus will be available on the CMU COVID site.

Safety protocols for safe and sustainable instruction:

A return to in-person learning requires action on everyone's part including you. We are not planning for a campus free of COVID-19. Rather, we will work collectively and maximize safety through screening, testing and tracing as a supplement to best operational prevention practices.

  • Masks (cloth face coverings) are required to be worn by all while inside buildings and while attending class. Students may pick up their CMU facemask from the Information Desk in the University Center. A supply of disposable masks will be made available the first week of class within instructional areas if you forget or lose your mask. Masks must be worn covering your nose and mouth for the entirety of the class period. If you cannot or choose not to wear a face covering, you will not be allowed to enter and/or will be asked to leave.
  • Social distancing techniques include scheduling classes in spaces that have capacity of 200% of the enrollment to help students and faculty remain 6' apart. In some spaces, you'll find that we have removed chairs and/or marked chairs as unusable.
  • When outdoors, where there is increased airflow, transmission of coronavirus is reduced. Some of your professors may hold courses outside when possible, although Colorado weather often limits this. However, when outside, you do not need to wear a face covering and you should maintain a 6' distance whenever possible.
  • A mixture of in-person, hybrid and online classes will be available. Currently 67% of CMU's classes are offered in the same delivery method as planned before COVID-19. If your courses have changed to a format that you do not prefer — or if you don't want to wear a mask and would prefer an online course — contact IRIS to investigate your options or your faculty advisor or department head.
  • Our attendance policies have been revised and faculty have been instructed to work with students who are ill and can't attend class. The bottom line: if you're feeling ill, stay home or in your residence hall, contact student services and get well!
  • We're sure many of you have questions about activity courses, labs, field courses, music recitals, performing arts and a variety of instructional modes that might have unique circumstances to keep everyone healthy. Please consult your instructor, the D2L course shell for your course and the syllabus provided there by your instructor. It will indicate policies and practices.

Student Code of Conduct Changes (The Maverick Guide)

We truly are a Mavily, and we need to work collectively to minimize the spread of coronavirus on campus. An updated version of the Maverick Guide will be posted online and sent out to students before fall begins. This year there will be a COVID addendum explaining protocols and compliance expectations.

Student Services

Our team at IRIS, Financial Aid and the Registrar's Office is available to assist you in person. To minimize lines, we're also offering online appointments via Zoom/Teams.

Residence Life and Student Life

In the coming weeks we'll send additional updates on residence life, dining, student life, athletics and more.


Check out the FAQs on the Safe Together, Strong Together site. If your question is not answered, don't hesitate to email us at