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CMU Physician Assistant Studies Program Director Dr. Amy Bronson — who co-chaired CMU's pandemic response efforts alongside then Vice President John Marshall last year — has agreed to continue in her leadership role as the chair of this newly formed committee. Most immediately, they'll continue CMU's work on COVID-19 protocols, but longer term this group will work on a variety of community health issues.

The Infectious and Communicable Disease Committee (ICDC) will:

  1. Assist CMU President John Marshall in decision-making related to the prevention, control and response to communicable diseases in the campus community. 
  2. Advise the president and university leadership in matters pertaining to the preservation and improvement of campus public health and safety.
  3. Create communicable disease mitigation and control programs in consultation with the county health authorities, hospitals and external medical advisors.

The ICDC shall provide advice and guidance to the president regarding strategies and plans that are effective for prevention, mitigation, or response to infectious and communicable diseases on campus and in the community that may affect campus health and safety. The committee shall consider disease epidemiology, the burden of illness, safety, efficacy, effectiveness, economic analysis and plan implementation issues.

Meet the Team:

CMU Faculty

CMU Staff

Emma Leenerman
CMU COVID-19 Coordinator
Andy Tyler
CMU Rural Health Mentorship Coordinator