Meet the Task Force

foster.jpg"COVID-19 has been difficult and disruptive. The pandemic has challenged us in ways we could not have imagined. I am proud of our response and the way our team has risen to the occasion to meet the challenges. You have all helped CMU respond to the virus effectively."

Tim Foster, President


John marshall
John Marshall

CMU Vice President for Student Services

Amy Bronson, EdD 

CMU Physicians Assistant Program Director

Executive Committee

Tim Foster, CMU President

Kurt Haas, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Laura Glatt, CFO

Michael Mansheim, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

Derek Wagner, Vice President of Intergovernmental & Community Affairs

Jeremy Brown, Chief Technology Officer

Liz Meyer, CMU Foundation CEO

Bryan Rooks, Co-Athletic Director

Kris Mort, Co-Athletic Director

Brigitte Sundermann, Vice President of Community College Affairs

Medical Contributors & Advisors

yumi.jpg“Supporting our community partners to ensure the health and safety of the community is a priority for my team at Community Hospital. We will continue to assist CMU in monitoring guidance and best available science as they prepare for what education looks like moving forward.”

-Yumi Lee, MD, Community Hospital and CMU Infectious Disease Advisor

Erin Minnereth, St. Mary's Hospital Infection Prevention Manager

Thomas Tobin, MD, Community Hospital Chief Medical Officer 

John Skillicorn, Community Hospital Executive Director of Physician Practices

Amy Bronson, EdD, CMU Director of Physicians Assistant Program

Sue Goebel, CMU Associate Professor of Nursing

Lucy Graham, PhD, CMU Director of Nursing Education

Mike Reeder, DO, Physician and Director of the Monfort Human Performance Lab

Bette Schans, PhD, CMU Director of Health Sciences

Jeff Kuhr, PhD, Mesa County Public Health Executive Director

Chelsea Stacy, Mesa County Public Health Epidemiologist

Katie Smith, Mesa County Public Health Epidemiologist

Heidi Dragoo, Mesa County Public Health Epidemiology Program Manager


Safe Together, Strong Together Task Force Teams

Formalized teams of operational contributors and area experts are working to draft, operationalize and implement the transformation of campus. These teams will create protocols for screening, testing, training, educating and managing the realities of a world with COVID-19.

Coordinating with community health experts and hospitals to implement a campus-wide screening and prevention strategy.  

John Marshall, CMU Vice President (Co-Chair)

Amy Bronson, EdD, Physicians Assistant Program Director (Co-Chair)


Academic transition and optimization   

Working with faculty and students to optimize course delivery and teaching strategies to meet student expectations and desires within the framework of health and safety realities. Work also includes planning for career and technical education delivery at WCCC, academic services, and arts venues.

Tim Pinnow, CMU Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives/Director of Distance Education/Director of Graduate Programs (Co-Chair) 

Carol Futhey, PhD, CMU Provost (Co-Chair) 

Safety and Togetherness

The team is optimizing residence halls, dining services, student life and student support services.

 Jody Diers, CMU Director of Residence Life (Chair) 


Team is scenario planning and evaluating and implementing budget modifications to confront potential budget shortfalls.

Laura Glatt, CMU Chief Financial Officer (Chair)


Team is planning for safe and efficient return to work, evaluating short and long-term staffing needs, including possible redeployment of talent across campus. 

Liz Meyer, CMU Foundation CEO (Chair)


Team is in regular communication and working together with community leaders, external partners, elected officials and state agencies.

Derek Wagner, CMU Vice President of Intergovernmental Affairs and Community Relations (Chair)


Team is ensuring relevant, timely and accurate information flowing to all campus stakeholders

Mike Mansheim, CMU Executive Director of Marketing and Communications (Chair)


Team is evaluating varsity, club sport and intramural athletic operations and in regular contact with external parners including RMAC, NCAA.

Bryan Rooks, CMU Co-Director of Athletics (Co-chair)

Kris Mort, CMU Co-Director of Athletics (Co-chair)