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Safe Together, Strong Together

CMU will return to in-person learning in Fall 2020. The Safe Together, Strong Together campus planning initiative is designed with this singularity of purpose in mind.

ST2 Interim Report

Our Safe Together, Strong Together (ST2) interim report highlights the milestones of CMU’s response to COVID-19 and laying out the framework for responding to the pandemic in the future.

Safe Together

A plan to welcome students to campus this fall must maximize health and safety. Our plan uses a methodical, health-driven and collaborative approach to ensure safety. This integrated plan includes experts collaborating across campus alongside local hospitals, and medical and public health experts. The plan articulates a framework for reopening facilities and campus life.

Strong Together

CMU is restoring an open campus this fall because of the educational value of campus life with in-person instruction. The in-person, comprehensive university experience enriches the mind, integrates communities and advances a humanistic spirit. An open campus unites people with purpose, fosters academic success and provides for personal transformational experiences. CMU’s campus is where people meet life-long friends, develop identities of their own and change the trajectory of their future selves. 

Safe Together, Strong Together Task Force Team

Meet our team of university officials, community healthcare professionals and advisors who are strategizing and executing this planning initiative. 

Task Force Team