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Stepping Forward Together

While the state has allowed workplaces to operate at 50% for a few weeks now, CMU has deliberately taken a go-slow, conservative approach out of an abundance of caution.  That said, a return to the workplace may be an adjustment for some and will certainly feel different for all. Part of the go-slow approach has been to ensure the return plan accommodates CMU community members who are vulnerable or living with someone who is vulnerable to COVID-19. Data continues to show impacts from COVID-19 are exponentially more pronounced in higher age demographics than in the student population. Therefore, CMU will work with employees and faculty in higher risk categories to accommodate this fact.

CMU must also acknowledge that new technologies and new methods for communication should permanently be part of our professional lives. However, while some of these changes are benefits, new uncertainties about social protocols and physical workspaces may initially take some adjustment.

Working remotely for two months means people have settled into new, and in some cases, comfortable routines. For others, "Stay at Home" and "Safer at Home" may have been stressful and challenging. In either case, in-person work for employees is important for the same reason that in-person learning is important for students –we are stronger as a team, together.

CMU doesn't believe returning to work should happen overnight. For this reason, the Safe Together, Strong Together Task Force proposes the following incremental return called Stepping Forward Together.