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A Red Zone is defined as an academic department, classroom, Mavily, dormitory, or other space or setting where CMU students, faculty, and staff may gather that is experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak. A COVID-19 outbreak is defined as five or more confirmed or probable cases of COVID-19 that have known or suspected links to each other occurring within a 14-day period.

When a Red Zone is declared, non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) may be required to be implemented. These NPIs may include:

  • Masks required to be worn while indoors regardless of protection status
  • Limiting the attendance and frequency of meetings of people related to the Red Zone setting
    • Temporarily moving meetings to virtual gatherings
  • Increased COVID-19 testing of people related to the Red Zone setting
  • Stricter event review and approval procedures for events related to the Red Zone setting
  • Classes moved to a hybrid format with online options for a period of time (one-two weeks, for example)
  • Implementing social distancing practices of at least 6 feet between people when possible.

Red Zones will be lifted after no additional cases are identified and linked to the affected setting after 14 days