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Current Alert Level: Green

Colorado Mesa University’s COVID-19 data dashboard now includes a four-step, color-coded campus alert system—developed in conjunction with Mesa County Public Health—calculated through monitoring multiple data points, including:

COVID-19 Transmission Levels

  • Number of new infections over two weeks
  • Percentage of cases with known versus unknown links to another case
  • Number of different and unique Mavily units reporting new symptoms

COVID-19 Testing

  • Routine testing capacity and 48-hour turnaround
  • Two-week random detection levels

Campus Resource Capacity

  • Ability to contact known contacts of positive cases within 24 hours
  • Ample isolation and quarantine beds available

The totality of these data (i.e., a holistic review of metrics and campus/community capacity) will trigger a color-coded campus alert level, which in turn will activate commensurate actions and different levels of decision-making regarding campus operations.

Alert Levels