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Resume/Cover Letter

This workshop is held several times each semester and provides information on the development and writing of a resume and cover letter. We will cover what you should know about yourself and your prospective employer and analyze examples of good and bad resumes and cover letters. OptimalResume, an electronic program FREE to all CMU students, will also be demonstrated. For more information on resumes types, writing tips, research tips, and references page guidelines, see our Resume and Cover Letter Guidelines.

Workshop Handouts

Resume/Cover Letter/Reference Page

Resume Example

Optimal Resume Handout

Resume Rubric

Interviewing Skills

Interviewing is typically the most stressful part of the job search for many people. With preparation the interview stress can be greatly reduced. This workshop is held several times each semester and will provide you with techniques you can apply during each of the interview stages (before, during, and after). For more information on interviewing and types tips see our Interviewing Guidelines.

Job Search Strategies

When it comes to searching for a job, you have to be creative! This workshop, held twice a semester, offers tips on how to locate job postings in a variety of places and what materials to prepare in order to apply for a job. We'll focus on print, as well as electronic resources-- including social media-- for the search.

Choosing a Major

Have you decided on a major yet? Are you looking at changing your major? At the Choosing a Major Workshop, held once a semester, we can help you with the process of choosing a major by exploring the following areas:

  • Understand yourself--Self Explore
  • Educational Knowledge--Research Majors & Careers
  • Occupational Knowledge--How majors relate to jobs
  • Decision--Choose a major

Employment Readiness Boot Camp

Are you ready for that professional career? This workshop includes all of the essential elements--resume/cover letter writing, job search strategies, and interviewing skills--for landing that professional job.

Preparing for an Internship

Employers look for candidates who have real work experience in their field. This new workshop, offered each semester, discusses what an internship is, where to look for one and how to apply.

What is Professionalism