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Are you a student with a disability struggling to find a job? This often occurs because many employers do not have a clear understanding of disabilities, or are not sure how someone who has one can contribute to their business. In actuality, there are many individuals with disabilities with successful careers across the country. Studies show that there are benefits to hiring disabled persons.

It is unlawful for employers to discriminate against individuals because of a disability. Be prepared with a resume that highlights your strengths and skills, not your disability. Your goal is to get an interview and show a potential employer all you have to offer their company.

Here are some suggestions:

Additional Resources:

CMU Career Services remains dedicated to ensuring students are best prepared for their future! That's why we have partnered with the Grand Junction branch of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). DVR helps individuals with disabilities find employment opportunities and connects them to resources to help them live independently. Please visit to learn more about this excellent program.

Along with many other benefits, DVR helps people with disabilities utilize the Workforce Opportunity Tax Credit . The WOTC is an incentive for businesses to diversify their workplace and introduce new perspectives.

Interested in connecting with DVR? Please stop by Educational Access Services or Career Services and request a referral. DVR will receive your referral, and they will get in touch with you to set up an appointment time.

In addition to DVR, the Career Services office encourages students with disabilities to check out the Center For Independence. The Center for Independence's main goal is to help people with or without disabilities move towards a better and more independent way of living. You can check out some of their programs here.

Visit the Career Services office for help creating a resume, cover letter, or to practice interview questions.

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