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Internships for Students

At Career Services, we understand the importance of gaining professional skills through hands-on experience. That's why we encourage students to find internships in their fields of study. Internships can often be used to gain credit towards finishing your degree. Additionally, for some programs of study, it is necessary to have an internship to graduate. Career Services facilitates internships through Handshake.

Handshake Internship Process

When a student is able to find an internship that they are interested in receiving credit for, they must begin the Handshake internship process. This process is relatively simple. Tasks involve communicating with the Faculty Internship Coordinator, completing paperwork, and requesting an experience in Handshake.

First, the student must schedule a meeting with their Faculty Internship Coordinator to ensure that their internship meets Colorado Mesa University's standards to receive college credit. Then, the student will be able to accept the internship offer and proceed with the paperwork. The paperwork consists of an Internship Agreement, Waiver, and compiled Learning Outcomes. This paperwork is required when requesting an experience in Handshake, so students must complete it promptly. Once the paperwork is completed, the student can move on to requesting their experience in Handshake.

Student's Guide to Requesting a Handshake Experience

Continuing the Process

After the student's Handshake Experience has been approved, they may be wondering what the next step may be. Because their internship experience has been approved, they should be able to begin their internship. Students are expected to regularly check in with their Faculty Internship Coordinator. Students should receive one to two evaluations for each internship term they are enrolled in. These evaluations will be available through their internship experience page in Handshake. Students will be given a deadline to complete these evaluations. Evaluations are created with the student in mind. Departments use these evaluations to ensure that students have had the most fulfilling internship experience possible.