Student Internships

Internships are temporary positions with an organization or business that are designed to provide on-the-job training in the student’s field of study. The student can earn academic credit by completing an internship and in many cases, they are paid for the work they do. Experience has shown that internships are not only valuable educational experiences; they also provide a solid base for future employment. Participating in an internship is an opportunity to apply classroom learning to real-world situations.

Earning Academic Credit for Internships

Students may earn academic credit by completing a paid or unpaid internship. In order to earn academic credit for an internship, students must contact the internship coordinator within their discipline to coordinate the process and enroll in the internship.

Finding Internship Opportunities

Students can learn about internship opportunities by: 

  • Contacting the internship coordinator within their discipline
  • Utilizing the CMU Career Services Center
  • Registering for and using Handshake, an online resource that helps connect CMU students with organization or business for jobs and internships
  • Approaching the organization or business with whom they want to intern directly

Information for Organizations and Businesses Seeking Interns

If you are an organization or business looking for the opportunity to shape the next generation of professionals, please contact the appropriate department internship coordinator below and/or CMU Career Services. Career Services can work to connect you with students through e-mails and through notifications on Handshake, our online platform that connects businesses with students. Once you have registered on Handshake, you can post internships and jobs on the platform to recruit CMU students.

Internship Coordinators

To enroll in an internship, contact the internship coordinator for your discipline:

Addiction Studies

Bob Lang | 970.248.1765


Suzie Garner | 970.248.1444


Deb Parman |  970.248.1170

Biological Sciences

Carrie McVean Waring  |  970.248.1165

Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics

Phil Gustafson |  970.248.1176

Criminal Justice

Katie Dreiling |  970.248.1645

Michael Delaney |  970.248.1301

John Reece |  970.248.1541


Tiffany Kinney |  970.248.1056

Environmental Sciences

Aparna Palmer |  970.248.1881

Exercise Science

Jill Cordova |  970.248.1715

Kristin Heumann |  970.248.1763

Carmine Grieco |  970.248.1635

Forensic Anthropology

Melissa Connor |  970.248.1219


Verner Johnson |  970.248.1672

Health Sciences

Kelly Coffin |  970.248.1774


Jill Cordova |  970.248.1715

Kristin Heumann |  970.248.1763

Carmine Grieco |  970.248.1635

Mass Communication

James Perez |  970.248.1072

Political Science

Justin Gollob |  970.248.1279

Psychology (Counseling)

Jake Jones |  970.248.1254

Social Work

Michelle Sunkel |  970.248.1723


Tyler Anderson |  970.248.1067

Sport Management

Richard Bell |  970.248.1365