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What can I use Handshake for?

Handshake is a useful platform for finding jobs both on and off campus. Handshake is free to all Colorado Mesa University students to use. In Handshake, students are able to make profiles which showcase their skills, experience, and even projects. Additionally, students are able to upload their resumes, cover letters, and other important application materials.


How can I apply for jobs on Handshake?

Applying for jobs in Handshake is easy.  Students can simply look at the jobs tab on handshake and use the filtering option to find which jobs appeal the most to them. Once a job has been found, students can view the job posting and review the necessary application materials. Uploading materials takes only a few minutes, then the student will be ready to apply for the job.


What makes a profile complete on Handshake?

To have a complete profile on Handshake, a student must have:

  • A profile picture
  • A completed “My Journey” biography
  • One or more job or volunteer experiences
  • One or more skills added to the “Skills” section
  • One or more courses added to the “Courses” section
  • One or more extracurricular's added to the “Organizations and Extracurricular's” section

Having a completed profile on Handshake can greatly increase your chances of interested employers viewing a student’s profile and following up with employment or internship opportunities.


My internship is being processed through Handshake, what should I do?

If your internship is being processed through Handshake then you should go talk to the Faculty Internship Coordinator of your department, then they will give you the directions to make an experience in Handshake.