FAQs for Career Services

Who are the career advisors available for my students?

Tamara Krizman, Acting Director of Career Services

Suzanne Bergen, Assistant Coordinator of Career Services

Kayley Vogel, Assistant Coordinator of Career Services / Workforce Development Liaison

Contact Us:

Career Services

University Center 107



Can a career advisor give a presentation to my class?

Yes, a career advisor can give a presentation to your class on a career-related topic, such as resume building, cover letter writing, and mock interviews. Career Services asks that you arrange the presentation one month before your ideal date.

How can I participate in the Major & Graduate School Fair?

The Major & Graduate School Fair is typically during the first week of October. Contact your department head and volunteer to represent your department.

How can I participate in other Career Services events?

Check out the Upcoming Events page and call Career Services at 970.248.1404 or email career@coloradomesa.edu.

How do I know when event and workshops are scheduled?

Check out the Upcoming Events page. Questions? Call Career Services at 970.248.1404 or email career@coloradomesa.edu.

What kind of assessments can my class take?


Strong Interest Inventory (SII)

Click here for more information. 


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (SII)

Taking The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

This assessment is for MARK 335 and PSYP 320 students only. Fees may apply--see below for more details.

  1. Go to: https://Elevate.cpp.com/Respondent/ReturningUser?tokenId=3f0a5f1d-3c56-43d9-a2b8-522724287963
  2. Fill out your registration information
  3. Complete the assessment*

You do not need to contact Career Services if you are taking this assessment as a class requirement.  Career Services will print and bring your results to your class on the day of the interpretation.

Where is Career Services located?

University Center 107 at the bottom of the stairs, across from the MAVcard office.

Why should I go to Career Services?

Career Services is here to help you along your employment journey! We want to help you throughout your time here at CMU with anything career-related including but not limited to: resume and CV reviews, cover letter assistance, mock interviews, grad school preparation, internship preparation, informational workshops, fall and spring Job Fairs, and much more!

What is a career advisor?

A career advisor is an individual who assists students with career-related documents and mock-interviews, as well as coordinates events and workshops. Career advisors are available to help you reach your professional goals.

Who can go to Career Services?

CMU students, alumni, staff, and faculty can all utilize Career Services.

Do I need an appointment?

We recommend making an appointment. We also have walk-in hours daily from 2 – 3pm. 

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, call Career Services at 970.248.1404 or stop by the Career Services Center in UC 107.

What happens during my career advising appointment?

It depends on what you are coming in for and your timeframe. Appointments are 30 minutes to one hour in length. The topic of your appointment may include a resume or cover letter review or a mock interview.

How do I begin to write a resume?

You can use a program called Optimal Resume, found in MAVzone, to start your resume. Then you can schedule an appointment with a career advisor to receive feedback and recommendations in order to make your resume more effective.

What’s the difference between a resume and CV?

A resume is a professional document that highlights your skills, experience, volunteer work, and other categories. A CV is a similar document that is longer in length, as it is more detailed and usually geared toward academia.

How do I write a cover letter?

In the Career Services Center, cover letter samples are available. Just like a resume, you can start a draft and then make an appointment with our staff to refine it.

When should I prepare a cover letter and resume?

We recommend preparing a cover letter and resume as soon as possible. It is always good to have one even before you’re applying to jobs. We do recommend customizing your resume and cover letter for each job. Attend a Resume or Cover Letter workshop for information on how to customize your documents.

Who should I put down as references?

Companies are looking for professional and academic references. Some good places to start are former supervisors, coaches, professors, and youth group leaders. Stop by the Career Services Center for a sample reference page.

*Pro tip: references should not be included on a resume. The reference page is a separate document that is formatted the same as your resume and cover letter. 

I have an interview coming up and I am really nervous, how do I prepare?

We recommend making an appointment with us to do a mock interview! This will give you an opportunity to practice questions and receive feedback on your responses. Mock interviews help ease your nerves before your interview.

How should I refer to CMU on my resume and cover letter?

“Colorado Mesa University (CMU)” on the first reference is appropriate if you are going to reference it again. The future references can be entered as “CMU.” If you are only using CMU’s name once, use “Colorado Mesa University.”

How do I get a job on campus?

Use the Handshake App on MAVzone to set up your job-seeker profile. Then filter for on-campus jobs. You can also call different departments and find out if there are any job openings. Additionally, Sodexo.com has several job opportunities. For more information please visit the Student Employment Page.

How do I begin looking for jobs on Handshake?

Go to Handshake and pick a filter, such as on-campus jobs, full-time jobs, or part-time jobs.

How can I find out about upcoming employers on campus, job fairs, workshops, and Etiquette Dinners?

Check out our Upcoming Events for employers on campus, job fairs, workshops and Etiquette Dinner dates.

How do I sign up for a workshop?

To register for a workshop, you can email Career Services at career@coloradomesa.edu. Please include your name, the workshop name, and your 700#, or you can call Career Services at 970.248.1404.

I’m trying to choose a major and I’m not sure how to do it?

If you need help exploring a major, go to https://www.coloradomesa.edu/career/students/explore/major.html and https://www.coloradomesa.edu/iris/academics-advising/explore-major.html.

To declare a major, contact the administrative assistant of the academic department you are interested in.

If you need more guidance, make an appointment with Career Services by calling 970.248.1404.

What kind of jobs can I get with my major?

This will depend on your major. For career exploration, visit our "What To Do With a Major" page and/or make an appointment with Career Services to discuss your options. You also can meet with your academic advisor for help with career direction.

How can I find a job or internship while attending CMU?

There are several resources, including Handshake, job search tips, and career/research strategies.

When should I start looking for a job?

If you are nearing graduation, you will want to gain leads on employers and start writing your cover letter and resume as soon as possible. We recommend sending out resumes/cover letters about four months prior to graduation.

I am almost finished with my degree, where do I find a job?

Each major/minor and concentration(s) have differences; however, beginning with your advisor and other professors you’ve had is a great start. If you need to develop a strategic job searching plan, make an appointment with Career Services by calling 970.248.1404.

How can I post a job on Handshake?

Read more information on Handshake and posting a job by clicking— https://www.coloradomesa.edu/career/employers/job-posting.html.

How can I hire a student or graduate?

Career Services offers many options to assist employers in connecting with our students and alumni.  Our Employer Services include job and career fairs in the spring and fall, company-specific on-campus recruiting events in the University Center (UC), room reservations for interviews or company information sessions, and access to our FREE online recruiting platform, Handshake.  Visit our Employer Services website for more information on all of our recruitment resources.

How can I participate in the career fairs?

Look at Career Fairs to find out more information about each fair.

What services do you provide for alumni and community members?

Alumni are offered the same services as CMU students. This includes resume and cover letter assistance, mock interviews, workshops, events, and career assessments.*

How much does the Strong Interest Inventory cost?

*For alumni, the Strong Interest Inventory costs $25. For community members, the fee is $45. The fee includes your assessment results and an interpretation by a certified practitioner.