Employment Readiness Workshops

We offer a number of employment readiness workshops to prepare students for the application and interviewing process. Use the table below to explore the different workshops we offer.

  • Our workshops will be primarily held in the University Center .
  • Workshops are free for Colorado Mesa students and alumni; the general public may attend for a fee of $25

Resume & Cover Letter Workshop

This workshop is designed to equip you with strategies for overall design, purpose, and audience analysis for your resume. This workshop also explains how to develop a cover letter to accompany your resume when seeking employment. We will cover what you should know before writing a cover letter, ways to develop your cover letter, and formatting concerns. We also analyze several examples of good and bad resumes and cover letters. See our Upcoming Events page for more information on dates and locations.

See the following for more resume and cover letter resources:

Interview Workshop/Mock Interview Sessions/Employer Panel

Interviewing is the most stressful part of the job search for many people, but it does not have to be. Our workshop on interviewing skills will help to reduce that stress by providing you with techniques that you can apply in preparation for the interview stages (before, during, and after). Find out how to present a remarkable first impression, give the right answers and ask great questions.

Mock Interview Sessions

The mock interview session allows applicants to practice their interviewing skills, one-on-one. This service is only available to CMU students and alumni. To sign-up for a mock interview contact Career Services at 970.248.1404 or by e-mail at career@coloradomesa.edu.

Employer Panel

The Employer Panel is made up of five to six companies representing a variety of industries. The panel is a part of our Career Connections Fair, held in the spring. This is a great opportunity to find out what employers are looking for in a candidate. Discussion topics include:

  • What makes an outstanding resume and cover letter
  • What employers want to see during the interview
  • What to avoid throughout the hiring process
  • What qualifications, experience, education, and training a great candidate will have
  • What information a candidate should know about the company

Special Workshops and Classroom Workshop Requests

The Advising & Career Center can also create a workshop to meet the needs of a specific group of students such as students preparing for a "Teacher Fair" or "Graduation." If you need a specific kind of workshop, contact the Career Services. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for preparation of materials and course work. We reserve the right to deny any request if enough notice is not given.

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