3+2 Program

The MBA 3+2 concurrent enrollment program is a very selective program that combines an approved undergraduate program with the MBA program. This program is available in conjunction with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance or Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. Due to the time frame of the program, applicants can only have one major. The student must graduate in five years with both degrees. Admission into the 3+2 Concurrent Enrollment Program is not an entitlement. Applicants are only accepted to begin in the fall semester with the application and admissions process starting the preceding spring semester.

Admission Process

  1. Application
    • Submit the 3+2 Program Application to Colorado Mesa University, Department of Business, Attn: Annie Shoberg, 1100 North Ave., Grand Junction, CO 81501
    • Students applying to the 3+2 MBA Program need to have their complete Application Package submitted no later than:
      • Start MBA Fall 2020- Applications due April 5th, 2020
      • Notification of acceptance or denial will be made within 3-weeks of submitting completed package 
  2.  Letter of Recommendation
    • An academic letter of recommendation. Please email Annie Shoberg at ashoberg@coloradomesa.edu with the name and email address of the evaluator you are asking to do the recommendation. Ms. Shoberg will email the recommendation form to your evaluator.
  3.  Personal Essay
    • 750 word essay: indicating reasons for seeking a Master of Business Administration degree including professional and/or career goals and pertinent past work experience.  The minimum length is 750 words, submitted as MS Word document with 1” margins, 12 pt. font and a cover page which includes the name of applicant and date. Please submit the personal essay to MBA Liaison, Annie Shoberg, at ashoberg@coloradomesa.edu.
  4. Transcripts 
    • Submit official transcripts to the Colorado Mesa University, Department of Business, Attn: Annie Shoberg, 1100 North Ave., Grand Junction, CO 81501. Due to COVID-19, electronic official transcripts are preferred and unofficial transcripts will be accepted via email (ashoberg@coloradomesa.edu). At this time, anticipate a delay in processing hard copies.