Business Honors Program

The Business Honors Program at Colorado Mesa University (CMU) offers highly motivated undergraduates with enriched studies in their academic major. Completion of honors requirements varies by academic program, but each includes opportunities for students to actively engage in more advanced study through coursework and a capstone project that can include research or creative work and presented in a scholarly venue. Students completing a program's academic honors requirements are recognized at CMU's Commencement Ceremony.

All students completing a Business Honors Program of study are expected to complete a senior capstone activity. The activity can range from an honor's thesis to a creative work to an undergraduate research project. Additionally, students must present the results of their activity in a scholarly venue approved by their Business Honors Program advisor (e.g., CMU's Student Showcase, a regional meeting for the relevant discipline).

Business Honors is designed to incorporate several areas of business into cohesively themed classes in which the objective is to push students to think critically about business decisions in a wide and multi-disciplinary context. The Business Honors Program is highly competitive and emphasizes critical thinking, writing, research skills, and applied business experience. The Business Honors Program emphasizes networking with businesses, Honors student networking, traveling, and community projects to prepare students to be innovative thinkers and problems solvers in their future careers.

Application Process and Qualifications

Students seeking participation in an Business Honors Program must have earned at least 45 semester credit hours with a minimum 3.5 grade point average GPA at the time of application. The application process occurs each fall in the Department of Business. Interested students should contact Dr. Steven Norman for the application materials and the application deadline. In addition to the credit hour and GPA qualifications, an applicant also should submit:

  • the application form found through the link at the bottom of this page; and
  • a cover letter of no more than one page that details how the Business Honors Program will benefit the student and what the student will bring to the Business Honors Program and
  • a current resume describing education, work history and extracurricular experiences
  • a current unofficial transcript

Requirements Specific to Business Majors:

  • Honors Students must be a business major
  • Freshman may apply and if accepted, participate in the Honors courses and activities starting in the sophomore year.
  • Complete the following 9 credit hours offered in the sophomore, junior, and senior year: BUGB 290, BUGB 390 and BUGB 490
  • Maintain continuously an overall GPA of 3.5
  • Commit to one of the following during the junior or senior year as approved by the Honors Advisor: a service project, an internship in discipline, or study abroad

Business Honors Program Application Form

Program Contact

Dr. Steve Norman, Department Head, 970.248.1944

Business Honors Activities:

Business Honors Students tackle child hunger in Mesa County with an event at CMU raising $2,500 to expand the Lunch Lizard meal program. "The cost of hunger is almost insurmountable each year," said Lauren Heaton, society president. "The fact that we're actually going to be able to help feed hungry kids - we don't get to do that in other classes. In other classes you just get a grade for your project and that's it. We're doing something bigger than a grade."

Watch the media coverage of the event:

CMU Honor Business Students Host the Lunch Lizard on Campus to Raise Funds for a Second Food Truck

Lunch Lizard Photo

Reflections from Anne Wenzel, Executive Director, WCCF

It's been a privilege and a joy to be welcomed into the CMU Honors Business classroom multiple times over the past year to provide information, feedback and encouragement to an impressive and energetic group of junior and senior business students who want to apply what they are learning in their marketing and business planning classes to a "real world situation." And these students have a heart for others, specifically children in our own community who do not get enough to eat.

If these students are any indication of our future business and community leaders, we are in good hands! Please give generously on Colorado Gives Day... to help raise funds for a second food truck and to show support for CMU's students' special project.

Business Honors Students 'Adopt a Family'

At the end of November 2014, Business Honors students raised over $500 for the 'Adopt a Family' Campaign.

They purchased gifts and necessities for two families in the local community and on December 2, the gifts were

put on display in the University Center ballroom, and families came to pick up their holiday surprises. It was truly a wonderful day. All the families we adopted were so gracious and thankful for the help during this holiday season.

Business Honors Students Project