3+2 Program

About this Program 

The MBA 3+2 concurrent enrollment program is a very selective program that combines an approved undergraduate program with the MBA program. The student must graduate in five years with both degrees. Admission into in the Bachelor Degree/MBA 3+2 Concurrent Enrollment Program is not an entitlement. Applicants are only accepted to begin in the fall semester with the application and admissions process starting the preceding spring semester.

Admission Requirements 

  1. Must be accepted into one of the following four-year bachelor degree programs: BS in Accounting, Public Accounting Concentration, BBA Finance Concentration, BS in Construction Management
  2. Must be classified as a senior (i.e., at least 90 credit hours including hours in which student is currently enrolled and for which the student is registered for a future semester)
  3.  Must have completed the number of additional hours in the bachelor degree major as specified by that program’s faculty
  4.  Must have completed or be enrolled in specific courses in the bachelor degree major as specified by that program’s faculty
  5.  Must have at least a 3.00 overall GPA Professor Rosenberg
  6.  Must have at least a 3.00 GPA in courses in the student’s declared major
  7.  Must submit a 3+2 Concurrent Enrollment application form to the MBA Office
  8.  Must submit to the bachelor degree department representative and to the MBA Office, a program completion plan demonstrating how all remaining bachelor degree requirements and all MBA requirements will be met in two years
  9.  Must provide to the MBA Office a letter of recommendation from a faculty member in the bachelor degree department
  10.  Must complete portions of the MBA program admission process (3+2 students must submit unofficial transcripts, 1 academic recommendation letter, and the 750 word essay.  The GRE, online application, $50 application fee, official transcripts are not needed for 3+2 applicants.)
  11.  Must have met with MBA Office and have been approved for study in the 3+2 concurrent enrollment program

Subsequent Admission Requirements 

1. Must follow the two year recommended course sequence (see below) for the MBA course component.

2. Must notify the MBA Office immediately if justifiable life circumstances do not allow the student to complete both undergraduate and graduate programs within two years of admission into the program.

3. Must complete ALL bachelor degree graduation requirements in the same semester or prior to completing all MBA graduation requirements.

4. Must submit the necessary paperwork to graduate with the bachelor degree to the Business Department with a copy to the MBA Office AND must submit the necessary paperwork to graduate with the MBA to the MBA Office. This requirement must be met before the published deadline in the semester prior to intended graduation.

3+2 Application