2017-18 Theatre and Dance Performances

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• Bravo Cabaret Series: Tangents - A Cabaret with Jeremy Franklin and Douglas Morrow

August 24-25

The much-loved cabaret returns for a second edition! Jeremy Franklin and Douglas Morrow open the Bravo Cabaret Series with songs spanning multiple genres and eras connected together with hilarious and heart-warming life stories. Rated PG-13.

• MET Series: Assassins by Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman

September 13-15

Perhaps one of the most controversial musicals ever written, Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins tells the stories of some our nation’s most notorious killers while examining our culture of celebrity and the means some will use to obtain it. From John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Oswald, Assassins explores the dark side of the American experience.

• An All Female Cast presents 1776 by Sherman Edwards and Peter Stone

September 27-October 6

CMU presents an exciting twist on the story of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Depicting one of the most familiar stories in American history, the musical puts a human face on a distant and historical subject. Casting women in the iconic roles of our ‘founding fathers’ allows us to explore the link between what America is and what it aspires to be in our continued efforts to become the nation of ideals that the Declaration of Independence set forth. With engaging characters, memorable tunes and a book lauded as being one of the best ever written for musical theatre, 1776 is inspiring, entertaining and uplifting.

• Bravo Cabaret Series: Fascinating Rhythm - Jazz and the Broadway Musical

October 19-20

We continue our three-year cycle celebrating the masters of the American Songbook with the music of songwriters who made their names in both jazz and theatre. Our students take the stage with songs by George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer as we examine the cross sections between popular music and the musical comedy stage.

• MET Series: Bang Bang You’re Dead by William Mastrosimone

October 25-27

Bang Bang You’re Dead is a one-act play written by William Mastrosimone for the Thurston High School Drama Department, the site of the 1998 Kip Kinkel school shooting. The play is based strongly on the events that surrounded the shooting and the original play was performed by Thurston students, some of whom had been wounded in the shooting.

Clybourne Park by Bruce Norris

November 8-10

Written as a response to Lorraine Hansberry’s classic A Raisin in the Sun, Bruce Norris’s Clybourne Park portrays fictional events occurring before and after the Hansberry play. The play is set in two acts 50 years apart, first in 1959 as a white community tries to stop the sale of a home to a black family. The second act is set in the present when the same house is a part of a predominantly African-American community battling to resist gentrification. Sharp-witted, smart and insightful, Clybourne Park depicts an American experience of continued relevance. Rated R for strong language.

Ends - the Fall Dance Concert

November 30-December 1

Celebrating the breadth of the CMU Dance program, Ends examines the unique lens through which dance can highlight civic participation, social movements and interconnectedness in the digital age. Choreographic works by faculty, guest artists and select students aim to build bridges between the physical body and its community and surroundings.

• MET Series: Dog Sees God - Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead by Bert V. Royal

February 14-16

A cleverly disguised parody of the comic strip Peanuts, Dog Sees God covers teen angst issues such as drug use, sexual abuse, suicide, eating disorders and sexual identity.

Reefer Madness by Kevin Murphy and Dan Studney

February 28-March 9

The musical comedy Reefer Madness is a stylized political satire inspired by the 1936 film of the same name. The play takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the hysteria caused when clean-cut kids fall prey to marijuana. It pokes spoofy fun at the evils of jazz music, sex and violence. Including clever musical numbers and lots of dynamic dancing, Reefer Madness ups the ante from the original film to humorous effect. Adult humor, religious parody, drug use, suggested violence and sexuality may make this production unsuitable for young audiences. Rated R.

• William Shakespeare's Macbeth

April 11-20

Witchcraft.  Murder. Ghosts. Revenge. Madness. Macbeth is William Shakespeare's dark, psychologically complex masterpiece. When Macbeth receives a prophecy that he will one day become King, he and his wife hatch a murderous plot, only to discover that their ambition has a steep price. Written at the height of Shakespeare's career, Macbeth has remained one of his most produced and studied plays for over 400 years. Many believe the title of the play to be cursed inside a theatre, so please refer to it as “The Scottish Play” while inside the Moss Performing Arts Center! Contains some adult themes and violence.

Means - the Spring Dance Concert

April 26-27

The annual springtime dance concert is themed around various aspects of history and memory with new works by CMU faculty, renowned guest artists and select student choreographers. We examine an idea of dance as ‘the common impulse to resort to movement to externalize states which which we cannot externalize by rational means.’ Under what circumstances do the ends justify the means?

• Bravo Cabaret Series: The Best Song Ever!

May 11

What do you mean you missed our Guilty Pop Pleasures cabaret last year?! That’s insane! We return to Charlie Dwellington’s for a fun night of food, drink and great pop music. This time we celebrate our favorite “best-made” songs with music by Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Carole King and many more. This is a one-night only event and will sell out — order your tickets today! 21+