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Exit, Pursued by a Bear and Rabbit Hole playing in repertory

April 14 - 7:30pm • Rabbit Hole
April 15 - 7:30pm • Rabbit Hole
April 16 - 2 and 7:30pm • Exit, Pursued by a Bear
April 17 - 2pm FREE festival of music, comedy, and readings
April 21 - 7:30pm • Exit, Pursued by a Bear
April 22 - 7:30pm • Exit, Pursued by a Bear
April 23 - 2 and 7:30pm • Rabbit Hole

Exit, Pursued by a Bear
Nan and her quirky friends decide to teach Nan's abusive husband a lesson. They bind Kyle to a chair and force him to watch them reenact scenes from their difficult past. As a grand finale, they plan to cover the room in meat and honey so that he will be mauled by a bear. Be prepared for a roller coaster of laughs and ridiculous theatrics in this dark comedy.
Exit, Pursued by a Bear is produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.

Rabbit Hole
Becca and Howie seem to have a perfect family life in suburban New York until a tragic accident takes the life of their four-year old son. As the couple find different ways to grieve and begin to grow apart, the young driver who accidentally killed their son continually shows up to ask forgiveness. Rabbit Hole explores the complexity of a family navigating deep grief, and learning what it means to continue living when things fall apart.

Sponsored by Chuck and Robbie Breaux, Chevron and Enstrom

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Exit, Pursued by a Bear: Director's Notes

Exit, Pursued by a Bear is a southern, dark comedy, feminist, power ballad. It is a show that compiles everything in theatre together, puts it in a blender and serves it up on a gold platter. It is odd, outrageous even, but it showcases what theatre does best. It takes the unseen and taboo subjects and ideas of the world and throws them into the spotlight in an environment that is easy to connect to and makes hard-to-swallow truths swallowable...

Rabbit Hole: Director's Notes

Rabbit Hole tells the story of a family struggling to find clarity and peace in their lives after the loss of their four-year old son, while also trying to reestablish harmony with one another. Moving on from such a tragedy can be extremely difficult and painful, but there are moments of joy to be found, despite the challenges. This play encompasses all of the sorrow and the beauty of the healing process.

Production Staff 

Director • Exit, Pursued by a Bear Sierra Packard
Director • Rabbit Hole Siana Gutierrez
Project Coordinator Ben Reigel
Production Manager Kaitlyn Burns
Assistant Stage Manager • Exit, Pursued by a Bear Teresa Guenther
Assistant Stage Manager • Rabbit Hole Lauren Knight
Scenic Designer Josiah Buhre
Technical Director Josiah Buhre
Lighting Designer Riely Nugent
Master Electrician, Lighting Operator Ethan Thomas
Costume Designer • Exit, Pursued by a Bear Phoenix Gallegos
Costume Designer • Rabbit Hole Rachel Foote
Production Manager/Producer Maurice LaMée
Co-Producer CMU Student Tuition Support
Costume Advisor Jill Van Brussel
Wardrobe Crew Hannah Smith
Sound Designer Brittany McDermott
Sound Operator Megan Burns
Box Office Coordinator Lara Connolly
Box Office Assistants Bryanna Alvarado, Ben Fritzche, Hannah Smith
House Manager Ian Rowzee
Publicity and Design Laura Bradley
Special Thanks Nothing Bundt Cakes

Cast Bios