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Join us for an exploration into how we as humans navigate change. Even though stepping into the unknown can be exhilarating, it can also create a desire for nostalgia and the familiar. This season, faculty, student, and guest choreographers offer unique expressions of what it means to approach new horizons through a variety of perspectives and possibilities. 


From the Director

The theme of New Horizons was chosen this year because, at its essence, it evokes movement. As we embark on numerous changes in our department, our performance spaces, and in a larger sense, our lives, movement is inherent and essential. Whether we are learning to accept and let go, shifting our perspective, or embarking on a new adventure, our bodies move. Movement is a part of life and life is change. Throughout the fall and spring semesters, these were just a few of the ideas that our faculty, students and guest artists explored during their creative process.

Production Staff

Artistic Director Kathy Diehl
Dance Program Coordinator Kathy Diehl
Lighting Designer Ethan Thomas
Costume Coordinator Tayllor Pittman
Technical Director Mike Legate
Production Manager/Producer Maurice LaMée
Co-Producer CMU Student Tuition Support
Stage Manager Sol Guire
Sound Designer Trey Hawthorn
Sound Operator Lindsay Gnesios
Lighting Operator/Master Electrician Megan Burns
Costume Supervisor/Shop Manager Jill Van Brussel
Wardrobe Crew Isabelle Basham, Teresa Gunther, Shyann Bertrand, Magnolia Rodriguez
Pinrail/Backstage Manager BonBon Bonjour
Box Office Coordinator Lara Connolly
Box Office Assistants

Ben Fritzsche, Hannah Smith, Patti Washburn, Jacky Salazar

House Manager Kira Valimaki
Publicity and Design Laura Bradley

Choreographer Bios