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We have all experienced loss, grief and difficulty over the past year. We are now reminded of the large and small ways we have, and can continue to, share joy. We are looking forward to leaning into these uplifting experiences and finding the joy in sharing our art during our spring concert.

*Strobe lighting and atmospheric effects may be used during some dances.

Concert Spotify Playlist 


From the Director

What is joy? What brings you joy? What does joy feel like? These are just some of the questions our faculty, guest artist and student choreographers explored during their creative process this semester. Since 2020, our capacity for finding joy in the midst of an ongoing pandemic and other global crises has certainly been tested beyond measure. This concert is a testament to the human spirit and our capacity to remain steadfast in the pursuit of connection, self-expression and inspiration. While we all seek and express joy in our unique and individual ways, this concert offers a space to come together and experience the power of movement and dance...

Production Staff

Artistic Director Kathy Diehl
Dance Program Coordinator Amanda Benzin
Lighting Designer Jenna Gragg
Costume Coordinator Tayllor Pittman
Acting Technical Director Josiah Fingerlin
Production Manager/Producer Maurice LaMée
Co-Producer CMU Student Tuition Support
Stage Manager Brittany McDermott
Assistant Stage Manager Kaitlyn Burns, Andy Chavero
Sound Designer/Operator  Phoenix Gallegos
Master Electrician/Lighting Operator Megan Burns
Pinrail Ethan Thomas
Costume Supervisor/Shop Manager Jill Van Brussel
Wardrobe Crew Izzy Lawson, Unity Dupont
Box Office Coordinator Lara Connolly
Box Office Assistants Bryanna Alvarado, Ben Fritzsche, Hannah Smith
Publicity and Design Laura Bradley

Choreographer Bios