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How do our own experiences and perspectives affect how we interact with the world? Can shifting our focus or perspective open our minds and hearts to new ways of seeing and being in the world? Dancers and designers will play with and challenge the ways we see, experience, interpret and share in the final concert of the 2020-21 season. 

Concert Spotify Playlist 

From the Director: James Wallace

As we have struggled to navigate through the difficulties of this past year, we have finally come to a place where we see a shift. Performing arts are slowly reopening and this gives us hope that things are finally moving in a positive direction. The restrictions placed on us over this past year have forced us to become even more creative as artists, to shift how we normally work and find new ways of producing work. By responding to the pandemic through art, we create a type of therapeutic process that allows us to grieve, heal, and move forward.


Production Staff

Artistic Director James Wallace
Dance Program Coordinator Amanda Benzin
Lighting Designers

Matthew Schlief, Josiah Fingerlin, Tatianna Popovich, Jose Prado, Riely Nugent, Lindsey Brown

Costume Coordinator Mark Mathews
Technical Director Michael Legate
Production Manager/Producer Maurice LaMee
Co-Producer CMU Student Tuition Support
Stage Manager Brittany McDermott
Assistant Stage Manager Heather Porterfield
Backstage & Flyrail Riely Nugent
Light Board Operator Margaret Brophy
Sound Designer/Operator and Projections Jose Prado
Costume Supervisor/Shop Manager Jill Van Brussel
Dressers Taylor Lynn Pittman, Luke Hatten
Box Office Manager Lara Connolly
Box Office Assistants Bryanna Alvarado, Ben Fritzsche
House Manager Kaitlyn Burns
Publicity and Design Laura Bradley
Photography George Brown

Cast and Choreographer Bios