Mesa Emerging Designers (MED)

Mesa Emerging Designers (MED) is the AIGA student chapter at Colorado Mesa University. This group's purpose is to facilitate dialogue and professional relationships between students and the design community. The activities of MED give students valuable exposure to the many facets of the graphic design industry.


CO2 is a global poster biennial held in the Spring of every odd year in Grand Junction, Colorado. The first C02 exhibit was in March 2013. MED organizes and facilitates the event with the support of Colorado Mesa University and the Western Colorado Center for the Arts. CO2's 2013 exhibition included an open call for submissions, and had a goal of educating through the visual communication of designers world wide. Though the shape of communication is continually changing, the power of the printed poster has remained a constant. We encourage the entire design community to participate and encourage the audience to be open to learning.

MED Sponsors

Eli Hall - Faculty
Steph Hall - Professional