WCCC Academics Q&A

Western Colorado Community College academic courses and delivery schedule

Last updated March 27 at 2pm 

CMU/WCCC Spring Break is officially extended by one week through March 29, 2020. Immediately following the extended Spring Break,  CMU/WCCC will resume academic instruction in an online format beginning March 30 continuing for the remainder of the Spring semester. The semester will still conclude on Thursday, May 14.

WCCC is very much a hands-on learning environment. As a result, we have a number of programs that will take a unique and individualized approach to moving online. For most programs, classroom instruction will move online just as all other courses at CMU will. However, for some specific programs listed below, students will work directly with their instructor to learn about how these classes will be modified to allow the in person requirements to occur while maximizing the social distancing that is the purpose of moving classes online. The courses below that were set to begin on March 30 are postponed until April 12.

Courses with unique programming needs:

ARGS 100L Crop Production
AGRS 270 Science of Winemaking
AGRS 130L Vineyard Establish

AVTN 111 Instrument Pilot
AVTN 203 Commercial Pilot
AVTN 213 Flight Instructor

CUAR 163 Advanced WEdding Cake

WELD 117 Oxy/Fuel
WELD 151 Introduction to Welding
WELD 201 Gas Metal Arc Welding
FCAW 203
WELD 230 Gas Tungsten Arc

Emergency Medical Technician
EMT 103