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Colorado Mesa University's Compass Program takes a holistic approach to ensure student success, and is tailored to the individual student through extensive, one-on-one interactions with an academic coach. The program offers a structured and supportive environment for students who do not meet the minimum requirements for admission to CMU. It also provides additional support through a limited course load and courses to equip the student with the skills needed for college-level study. At the same time, the program requires a strong commitment by the student to demonstrate readiness for study at Colorado Mesa University.

Here's how the program works:

Once admitted, Compass Program students are assigned to the Office of Student Success and Engagement. Academic coaches will serve as the advisors on all aspects of the students' academic experience—from career advising to course scheduling—until the student is fully admitted to CMU.

To enhance the likelihood they will be successful, Compass Program students will be expected to meet approximately five times throughout the semester with their coach/advisor. Additionally, Compass Program students will:

  • Enroll in College Success Skills (UNIV 100), followed by First Year College Success (UNIV 101) during their first term. In these courses, students develop an academic success plan based on career assessments that will help guide them to a decision about a major as well as learn various strategies in their courses; and
  • Limit enrollment to 12-15 credit hours per semester. Under specific circumstances, exceptions will be made for an enrollment of 15 credit hours per semester.

Once students have attended CMU and demonstrated their ability to succeed in college-level courses, they will have the opportunity to seamlessly transition to a bachelor's degree program. Compass Program students can make this transition by:

  • Completing UNIV 100 and 101 with a C or higher
  • Earning a 2.0 cumulative GPA at CMU
  • Completing 24 college-level credit hours
  • Completing or being eligible to enroll in college-level English and math 

For more information, please contact the Admissions Office at [email protected] or refer to the Office of Student Success and Engagement.