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About Me

I am a Chicago native who graduated from the University of Illinois in 2019. Since then, I have been all over! After graduating, I spent a year as a Fulbright Scholar in Madrid, Spain and since then, I have relocated to the West Coast while teaching high school history and tutoring. My love of travel, education and the outdoors eventually brought me to CMU, and I have been exploring Grand Junction ever since!  

Favorite thing about Grand Junction

I don’t know where to start! The first thing any CMU student will tell you about is the outdoors, and they are right! Within 20 minutes of campus there are canyon drives, river walks, hiking trails, mountain climbing courses and more. I love exploring the surrounding areas of campus and there is always a new place to explore.  

Beyond the amazing location, Grand Junction has some amazing (and affordable!) food options. There are a variety of great dining spots on campus and in the downtown area and I am trying to eat my way through all of Grand Junction. From The Caf in the Maverick Center to Pablo’s Pizza or Bin 707, you are always guaranteed to find well-priced, delicious options!