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About me

I grew up in Davis, CA and attended the local university there, University of California, Davis. I graduated in 2013 with my bachelor's in English and a minor in Education. After being in my amazing hometown for so long, I was ready to make a move. Some friends living in Grand Junction convinced me this was the place to be, and they were not wrong! I moved to Grand Junction in 2017 and fell in love with the area immediately. Some of the main things I am passionate about in my life are my friends and family, music, trivia and pick-up games of basically any sport.

Favorite thing about Grand Junction

I love so much about Grand Junction! The word that comes to mind is community. Wherever I am, whether it's spending time downtown at my favorite coffee shop or grabbing a yummy meal, playing volleyball at the local outdoor beach volleyball spots or floating the river in the summertime, there is always a sense of being part of this community and feeling at home. Grand Junction has also offered me so many opportunities to explore things that I had no idea I would enjoy, like snowshoeing (love) or stand-up paddleboarding (double love).