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Cynthia PembertonStudent-by-student, through education we can and do make an important difference to individuals, as well as to our community, state, region, and the broader social good. In their book, That Used to be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World it Invented and How We Can Come Back, Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum cite globalization, the information technology revolution, decreased budgets, increased demands for services, increased energy consumption, and climate change as major challenges for the years ahead. Responding to these challenges will require educated, engaged, responsible citizens. That’s where we, the Colorado Mesa University (CMU) teaching and learning community, come in.

Founded in 1925 as Grand Junction Junior College, CMU has continuously grown and evolved; offering baccalaureate degrees beginning in 1974, being renamed Mesa State College in 1988, offering select graduate programs beginning in 1994, being again renamed as Colorado Mesa University in 2011, and awarding our first doctoral degree December 2015. Quite a journey from 39 students enrolled in seven classes to over 10,000 students enrolled in programs of study ranging from technical certificates and associate degrees to baccalaureate and graduate degrees.

At CMU, we are an education community committed to “…a personal approach…celebrating exceptional teaching, academic excellence, scholarly and creative activities…” working to encourage “…diversity, critical thinking, and social responsibility” (CMU Institutional Mission Statement). With nearly 550 tenured/tenure-track, full- and part-time faculty/instructional staff, we are a powerful education cadre of highly motivated, intellectually capable, and dedicated teacher-scholars. Teaching is the core of what we value and what we do, providing the medium through which we, together, educate the engaged and responsible citizens of tomorrow.



Cynthia Pemberton, EdD

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Vice President for Academic Affairs
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