CMU Student PROMISE Grant

The purpose of the Promoting Research Opportunities Motivating Integrated Student Explorations (PROMISE) Grant is to encourage research, scholarly inquiry, and creative activity by Colorado Mesa University students. The program will be administered by the CMU Student Research Committee under the direction of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Academic Research (OSPAR). The goal of the PROMISE grants is to raise the profile of scholarly and creative activity at CMU, to expand opportunities for students in all academic disciplines to engage in original scholarship or exploration of creative expression, and to share their work with the CMU community. Academic Affairs, OSPAR and the soon to be developed CMU Student Research Committee are particularly interested in encouraging and supporting student-faculty and student-staff collaboration in the scholarly enterprise in addition to student initiated projects of inquiry and creativity.

The priority deadline for proposal submissions in the Fall semester is the first Monday in October annually (by 5:00pm).

The priority deadline for proposal submissions in the Spring semester is the fourth Monday in January annually (by 5:00pm).

More details on the PROMISE Grant

The application consists of two parts: 1) the online application form, and 2) a written proposal, limited to 5 pages for project grants and 2 pages for travel grants. Written proposals should be submitted as a PDF attachment to Chair of the CMU Student Research Committee (

Project Grants - are available to fund consumable items and materials not already available at the University. Funding will not be awarded to cover the expenses associated with tuition, marketing, and/or certification fees.

Travel Grants - are available for conference registration, meals, airfare, mileage, lodging, or other appropriate travel related expenses.