CMU Professional Personnel Employment Handbook

(Adopted by Colorado Mesa Board of Trustees

on September 15, 2004 with subsequent revisions.)

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Section Section Title

Cover Page(Updated 5/24/17)

i Table of Contents (Updated 5/24/17)

iv Glossary of Terms (Revised 3/19/15)

General (Revised 5/25/17)

Anti-Discrimination Policy (Revised 3/19/15)

Recruitment and Hiring (Revised 5/24/17)

Benefits (Revised 5/24/17)

Leaves (Revised 5/24/17)

6 Evaluation of Faculty for Reappointment, Tenure, Promotion and Post-Tenure Review

     (Revised 5/24/17)

Evaluation of Exempt Personnel (Revised 1/25/12)

Salary Administration System (Revised 3/19/14)

Grievance Policy (Revised 1/25/12)

10 Disciplinary Procedures (Revised 3/19/15)

11 Termination (Revised 3/19/15)

12 Professional Conduct (Revised 3/19/15)

IG Interpretive Guidance (Revised 5/24/17)