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Process Systems Technology

Process Systems Technology is a well-established scientific program using computer-based tools for an integrated approach to modeling, simulation, design, operation, control and management for industrial process control systems. Students develop skills in electronic instrumentation, remote sensing, telecommunications, computer networking, computer programming and business applications that control process and production in a variety of industries.

Thousands of careers are available in the operation of computerized systems. Almost everything that is produced by a system needs a Process Control Operator. A Process Operator monitors, manipulates and controls mechanical, physical and/or chemical changes throughout many process to produce final products made from raw material or production systems.

Multi-skilled Process Operators operate and control the industrial process; Control, monitor and troubleshoot equipment; Analyze, evaluate, and communicate about data, and maintain a safe work environment. Demand for Process Operators is worldwide.

Program Strengths

  • Be a part of a clean energy future by learning to design, build, install, and maintain renewable energy systems
  • Combines multiple disciplines, including computer control systems, electronics, basic sciences and many others
  • Thousands of careers are available in the operation of computerized systems

Emphasis/Degree Options

Technical Certificate
Process Systems Technology
Control Systems Technology
Electronics Technician

Industry Options

Chemical Manufacturing

Oil Refining

Oil/Gas Extraction

Agricultural Production

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Semi Conductor manufacturing

Electric Power Generation

Water Reclamation

Aeronautical Industries

Manufacturing Plants

Gainful Employment

Electronic Technician - 15.0303

Control Systems Technician - 15.0613