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Administrative Office Technology

The Administrative Office Technology Program will prepare you for an exciting career. Administrative professionals play an essential role in keeping everyone connected and making sure new technologies benefit employees and the business.


The Administrative Office Technology Program at WCCC combines technical, interpersonal, and soft skills courses that prepare students for entering the workforce as effective and efficient office professionals. Course content is relevant to today's business needs. Training is tailored around current business needs and diverse learning styles, and features application-based curriculum, hands-on classroom experience and practical program-related work. The program curriculum is assessed and developed as recommended by current business industry professionals. Why do recent graduates and current students find office administration a great profession?


Program Strengths

  • Challenging opportunity to perform a variety of duties
  • Opportunity to keep up-to-date with technology
  • Opportunity to develop communication skills
  • Opportunity for a versatile skill base, acquire transferable skills


Emphasis/Degree Options

Associate of Applied Science
Administrative Professional
Program Sheet

Associate of Arts
Administrative Office Technology
Program Sheet

General Office Administration
Program Sheet