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Western Colorado's Selective University


League Information

Quidditch, created by J.K. Rowling for the Harry Potter novels, is one of the newest intramural sport. Players must run up and down the field, keeping their broomstick between their legs. All aspects of the game are included, from Quaffles to Bludgers, as well as the snitch!

  • Registration
    • Registration opens August 3rd and closes October 29th.
    • The tournament will be held on Saturday October 31st (Halloween).
      • Games held on the Colorado Mesa Rugby Pitch.

Divisions Offered

  • Open division, no gender requirements.

General Rules of Play

  • 7 vs. 7 with no gender restrictions
  • Teams must provide their own brooms. Permissible broomsticks include ones with wooden or plastic handles, with no breaks or splinters. Mops, shop brooms, swiffers or Nimbus 2000's are all approved for play!
  • Maximum roster limit is 20 people.
  • Games will consist of 1 20 minute period.
  • Teams are highly encouraged to provide their own jerseys or t-shirts for each game.
  • Team shirts should be a matching color and must have a number on at least one side (no duplicate numbers).
  • Jerseys are available for check out on each court, however, the same jerseys are used for all of the games on that court each night.
  • For more detailed rules, please review the Colorado Mesa University Intramural Quidditch Handbook.

To register, click the link below: