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The program in psychology is one of the largest at Colorado Mesa University. The faculty, all with doctorates, offer more than 30 courses in the fields of psychology and counseling psychology.

MSC Psi Chi Chapter annual induction

Students may pursue the more general Psychology B.A. degree or the Psychology B.A. degree with a concentration in Counseling Psychology. All majors are required to complete some laboratory coursework in which they conduct experiments or other research projects.

The study of psychology prepares students to work in a wide variety of work settings, including human services (counseling and social work), public affairs, business, sales, criminal justice (probation officer or corrections officer), the hospitality industry, and with graduate training, teaching and research. The psychology program at Colorado Mesa University provides a strong foundation for further study in the field of psychology, as well. Many of CMU's psychology majors have successfully continued their education in graduate programs in psychology. A few have continued on to medical or law school.

professor and student present their research at the annual RMPA convention

The psychology program also sponsors a Psychology Club and a local chapter of the national honor society in psychology, Psi Chi. Through active membership in these organizations, students are encouraged to become involved in community service and to attend and present their research at regional and national conferences.

student conducts an experiment in the psychology lab

Counseling Psychology

The Counseling Psychology concentration for Psychology majors allows students to add a specific program of study to their basic psychology courses that covers both theory and application of counseling and clinical psychology. This program of study is designed to prepare undergraduate students to either work in the field of counseling and human services or to go on to graduate studies in the counseling and clinical psychology fields.

Topics courses are regularly offered in current areas of special interest such as Marriage and Family Therapy or Death and Dying; however, topics courses are subject to change.

counseling students attend a presentation at RMPA

The capstone of the counseling program is the Practicum course where students work off campus at various treatment centers, therapy settings or local agencies employing counseling and other human services skills. Here they are supervised by professionals who meet criteria established by the Colorado Mesa University Faculty.

Many counseling students gain employment in the counseling field after graduation and a number of students have gone on to various graduate programs in clinical psychology, counseling, and social work.

Please note that the degree requirements for a major in Psychology with a concentration in Counseling Psychology differ from those for the Psychology major.

Graduates of this major will be able to:

Critically analyze the historical trends in psychology (specialized knowledge);

Compare basic research methodology in psychology, including research design, data analysis and interpretation (applied learning);

Communicate clearly in written and oral presentations in standard American Psychological Association format (broad integrative knowledge /applied learning);

Apply statistical concepts to decision making and problem solving in areas of psychological application (quantitative fluency);

Think critically to solve problems in psychological areas of analysis using academic sources of information (intellectual skills).

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