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Western Colorado's Selective University

Student Showcase

8th Annual Student Showcase: April 28, 2017

Applications deadline: March 1

More information coming soon!

2017 Planning Committee

Cynthia Pemberton, Academic Affairs (Co-Chair)

Tim Pinnow, Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies (Co-Chair)

Scott Bevill, Engineering

Jessie Barnett, Academic Affairs

Tracy DeBellevue, E-Portfolio Project

Suzie Garner, Art and Design

Ann Gillies, Teacher Education

Olga Grisak, Health Sciences

Phil Gustafson, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics

Paul Hampton, Biological Sciences

Jennifer Hancock, Languages, Literature and Mass Communication

Kristin Heumann, Kinesiology

Mo LaMee, Theatre

Bill McCracken, Western Colorado Community College -

Liz Meyer, Foundation

Deborah Parman, Business

Brian Parry, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Gary Ratcliff, Montrose Campus

Sheraya Selsor, Admissions

Kim Williams, Marketing

Jared Workman, Physical and Environmental Sciences

Kristen Yun, Music