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Western Colorado's Selective University

Faculty Sponsor Responsibilities

Faculty sponsors are active participants in the success of Student Showcase presenters and their projects. Below are guidelines to help ensure that Student Showcase presentations reflect student effort, with appropriate guidance from the faculty sponsor.

The Planning Committee will only consider a submission after the faculty sponsor has approved the abstract. As a faculty sponsor, you will receive an automatic email confirmation that will allow you to review the abstract and submission details. If you find errors, please ask the student to make corrections. After the student updates her/his application, it will automatically be routed to you a second time for approval. If the abstract meets the guidelines and you support the project, please choose the “Abstract Approved” option in the submission confirmation.

The sponsoring faculty member should actively:

  • Provide the student timely guidance toward the completion of the project.
  • Review the student-written abstract to make sure that it is complete, succinct, and grammatically correct and is free of typos. In the case of scientific subjects to make sure that the narrative has proper abbreviations and formatting of scientific names and terminology following currently accepted norms.
  • Review preliminary and final posters or presentations to ensure that the student(s) can adhere to established time frames for presentations.
  • Ensure that any printed or projected information is clear and easily readable and meets current standards of quality for presentations typical of a professional conference.
  • Meet with the student(s) on more than one occasion to ensure on-going progress and timely completion of the project.
  • Ensure that the roles of the multiple student authors are adequately orchestrated and displayed on the final project, poster or presentation.
  • Foster adequate, frequent and effective communication between and among the students working on multi-authored projects and communicate frequently with individual student authors as a faculty sponsor.
  • Ensure that the student(s) have the proper equipment, display items, power or tools required to present the completed project.

The sponsoring faculty member should NOT:

  • Write the abstract for the student(s), including composing any portion of the abstract.
  • Contribute directly to the finished project in the form of text, tables, graphs, etc. to the student's display, PowerPoint file or poster.
  • Author any substantial or significant portion of the project or presentation.
  • Actively construct any significant part of the presentation, poster or mechanical display.
  • Answer questions from judges on behalf of the student presenter(s).