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Western Colorado's Selective University

Emergency Assistance

In case of emergency, CALL 911. Blue emergency telephones are also strategically placed around CMU's main campus. When activated, the phones provide a direct connection to emergency dispatchers.

On-Campus Resources

Diversity, Advocacy and Health
Phone: 970.248.1765
Location: Albers Hall

Grand Junction Police Substation
Non-emergency Phone: 970.242.6707
Locations: South patio of the University Center, Lowell Heiny Hall Room 107, Development Center (Little Mavs Building)

Student Health Clinic
Phone: 970.256.6345
Location: 1060 Orchard Ave. (North of the Elliot Tennis Center)
After posted hours, please use the Community Hospital emergency department.

Student Services
Phone: 970.248.1366Location: Lowell Heiny Hall, Room 107

Off-Campus Resources

Behavioral Clinical Services
Behavioral Clinical Services (BCS) offers professional counseling to all CMU students.
Emergency Phone: 970.241.6500(Press 1, wait for a series of clicks and pauses to be connected to the answering service and on-call therapist.)
Phone: 970.241.6500 (Main Line)
Location: 1112 Belford Avenue

Community Hospital Emergency Department
Phone: 970.256.6400
Location: College Place and Walnut Avenue

Grand Junction Fire Department
Phone: 970.549.5800
Location: 625 Ute Avenue

Grand Junction Police Department
Phone: 970.549.5000 (Main Line)
Location: 555 Ute Ave.

Mesa County Sheriff's Office
Phone:(970) 244-3500
Location: 215 Rice Street

St. Mary's Hospital and Regional Medical Center
Phone: 970.298.2273
Location: 2635 North 7th Street