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Orientation Staff



Application Here

Please contact Holly Daugherty: for more information or to submit your application.  

What Does an Orientation Leader Do?

As an Orientation leader you serve as a representative of Colorado Mesa University. During orientation, Orientation Leaders provide resources for student success, opportunities to connect with the CMU community, along with helping to advise and register them for their first semester. As well as aiding new mavs, Orientation Leaders also play an intricate part to the people who are a part of the student's family and support network. Orientation Leaders will help parents and guests become more confident in their new role as a parent or support person of a college student. Orientation Leaders will also be responsible for giving Admissions tours throughout the summer.

Requirements for applying:

  1. Completed application and attachments

  2. Minimum 3.0 Cumulative GPA

  3. Work Study or MAVworks in Fall/Spring (preferred)

  4. Planning to live in (near with ability to commute to) Grand Junction through the summer

An Orientation Leader possesses the following qualities:

  • Outgoing, energetic & friendly

  • Superb time management

  • Honesty

  • Knowledgeable about CMU with the ability to Interpret, apply, and explain institutional policies, procedures, and regulations (after training)

  • Dedicated, Self-motivated, Strong work ethic

  • Able to speak to large groups

  • Ability to give quality campus tours (after training)

  • Comfortable with class registration process and navigating MAVzone

  • Desire to positively impact the new students of CMU

  • Committed to positively enhancing the experience of new students/parents