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Film Festivals

Radical Reels File:37RR AD SLICK HORZ.jpg


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Radical Reels

When: Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Where: Colorado Mesa University Center Ballroom, Grand Junction, CO

Doors Open: 6:00 PM- (Beer starts at 6:00 pm)

Program Starts: 7:00 PM

Get Your Tickets at the CMU Outdoor Program or reserve them over the phone at (970) 248-1428

Current CMU Students: Free

Adults: $8 Advanced, $10 at the Door

Local Sponsors: Palisade Brewing, Western Anglers, Grand Valley Climbing Center, Joshua Tree Skin Care, Summit Canyon Mountaineering, Triple Play Records, Kannah Creek Brewing Company, and Powderhorn Resort.

Radical Reels Intro Video

Arrival (special edit)
(2013, Canada, 15 minutes)
Filmmakers: Kyle Norbraten, Dylan Dunkerton and Curtis Robinson,
the Coastal Crew
Classification: to be confirmed, expected to be general
Focus: biking

Featuring the talents of the next wave of mountain bike riders and
photographers, Arrival showcases diverse styles, new lines and new places.

All My Own Stunts (special edit)

(2014, England, 14 min) Filmmaker: Alastair Lee


Classification: Parental Guidance; coarse language, sports accident

Film Synopsis: Rob Jarman is a downhill mountain bike specialist and a professional stuntman. Following a near-fatal accident, he has battled to stay atop both fields. It’s an emotional and gripping story about how hard it is to let go.



Desert Ice

(USA, 2014, 12min)

Filmmakers: Keith Ladzinski, 3 Strings Productions


Classification: Parental Guidance; coarse language

Film Synopsis: American ice climbers Jesse Huey and Scott Adamson climb into the remote high-desert slot canyons of Southwest Utah in search of what some are calling the best water-ice discovery of the last 20 years.




(2014, USA, 5 min)

Filmmakers: Skip Armstrong, Wazee Motion Pictures


Classification: General, no advisory

Film Synopsis: When a newbie kayaker goes paddling, he discovers a posse of pros on the river and wonders whether someday he could ever be that cool.



Into the Ditch

(2014, USA, 2 min)

Filmmaker: Rush Sturges


Classification: Parental Guidance; coarse language

Film Synopsis: 2 friends, 1 ditch. Nothing has changed, but now everything is different. Watch as friends Ben Marr and Rush Sturges tackle breakneck speeds down a 500ft tall drainage ditch.



Little Red Bus (Petit Bus Rouge) (special edit)

Full length film won Best Film – Mountain Sports sponsored by Live Out There (2013, France, 22 min)

Filmmaker: Sébastien Montaz-Rosset


Classification: Parental Guidance; sexual content, nudity

Film Synopsis: Hold onto your hats, get ready, and buckle up for a wild ride packed full of thrills and spills. All aboard the Little Red Bus!



UNDEAD (special edit)

(2014, Austria, 8 mins)

Filmmaker: Fabian Kluhs


Classification: Parental Guidance; coarse language

Film Synopsis: Two energetic young athletes re-invigorate the sport of SMX, a combination of mountain biking and snowboarding.



The Unrideables: Alaska Range (special edit)

(2014, USA, 18 min)

Filmmakers: Derek Westerlund, Steve Reska, Red Bull Media House


Classification: General, no advisory

Film Synopsis: Glorious cinematographic eye candy! Expert speed flyers test their limits in a massive, volatile landscape of ice and snow.



Valley Uprising – The Stonemasters (special edit)

Feature film won Grand Prize – sponsored by MEC (2014, USA, 31 min)

Filmmakers: Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen, Josh Lowell, Zachary Barr, Sender Films and Big Up Productions


Classification: Parental Guidance; coarse language, drug use

Film Synopsis: The legendary “Stonemasters” ushered in a raucous new era of climbing in Yosemite’s climbing revolution, marked by drugs, partying, battles with park authorities and some of the world’s hardest climbing.



Previous Films


Films to Change your World

When: Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Where: Colorado Mesa University Center Ballroom, Grand Junction, CO

Doors Open: 6:00 PM

Program Starts: 7:00 PM

Get Your Tickets at the CMU Outdoor Program, Summit Canyon Mountaineering, online at

Students: $5

Adults: $10 Advanced, $12 at the Door

Do you like movies/film festivals?

Oh, good -- so do we! And it's a treat for us to participate each year in bringing some really inspirational, entertaining, educational films to Grand Junction, courtesy of the Wild and Scenic Film Festival. The Wild and Scenic Film Festival tours the U.S. each year to bring quality environmental documentaries by great storytellers to the whole country. The CMU Outdoor Program, Sustainability Council, and Environmental Networking for Volunteering Students partner each spring with community organizations Whitewater West, Summit Canyon Mountaineering, Western Colorado Congress, Highnoon Solor, Bookcliff Vision Center, and national sponsors Cliff Bar, Sierra Nevada, Ospray and Patagonia to show this great collection of films.

The 2012 Wild & Scenic Film Festival will feature 11 new inspiring films. This year's focus is on rivers and oceans. As world resources dwindle and populations increase the fight over water based resources can do nothing but escalate.

This year CMU student will enjoy only $5 dollar entrance fees and The CMU Student Environmental
Film Contes. Students were asked to produce a 3 minute video with an environmental theme of their choice. The winner will be announced here, on our website on March 16th and the winning film will be shown in conjunction with the W&S Film Festival on March 24. We are anxious to see what the students have produced.

Students were able to choose some of the films for our particular screening. One to look for is 'Chasing Water' exploring the fate of the Colorado. Follow the Colorado River, source to sea, on a soul searching, personal journey downstream to focus on the "American Nile" and what becomes of the river's most precious resource as it supports 30 million people in the West.

This years films....

chasing water

Chasing Water

Chasing Water reflects on the fate of the Colorado River from its source to its unlikely end near the Sea of Cortez.

Photographer Pete McBride takes an intimate look at the watershed as he attempts to follow the irrigation water that sustains his family’s Colorado ranch, down river to the sea. Traversing 1500 miles and draining seven states, the Colorado River supports over 30 million people across the southwest. It is not the longest or largest U.S. river, but it is one of the most loved and litigated in the world. Today, this resource is depleted and stressed. Follow its path with an artistic, aerial view on a personal journey to understand this national treasure. McBride teamed up with his bush-pilot father to capture unique footage and also shadowed the adventure of Jon Waterman who became the first to paddle the entire length of the river


the grid

New Environments, The Grid -  6 Minutes

Germany: Community activists respond to the Chernobyl nuclear accident by creating the country’s first successful, cooperatively owned, renewable power company.“The New Environmentalists” share a common goal – safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources from exploitation and pollution, while fighting for justice in their communities. The film is the latest in the Mill Valley Film Group’s Emmy Award-winning series featuring inspiring portraits of six passionate and dedicated activists. These are true environmental heroes who have placed themselves squarely in harm’s way to battle intimidating adversaries while building strong grassroots support. Narrated by Robert Redford, The New Environmentalists illustrates how ordinary people are affecting extraordinary change.


dark side

Dark Side of the Lens - 6 min

Dark Side of the Lens is one mans personal and heartfelt account of life as an ocean based photographer. This short film takes you on an eerie, stunning and moving journey amongst the epic oceanic grandeur of Irelands west coast. Renowned documentarian of the heavy salt, Mickey Smith, has succeeded in creating a visual poem of sorts, that offers a humble glimpse into his strange and magical world, reflecting insights that in turn ring true with many of our own lives. Watch Trailer


The Fishman - 10 min

The Fishman - 10 min
Mike Kasic swims the Yellowstone River like a human-fish through swift river canyons and scenic mountain views, watching trout in fast currents filled with frothing water tornadoes, stopping only to body surf river waves. His message is simple: a river is more than its water; what lies beneath is a wilderness that is often overlooked, but critical for the Yellowstone ecosystem to thrive.



Yelp: With Apologies to Allen Ginsber's Howl - 3 min

Technology can be addictive. In a tribute to Allen Ginsberg’s classic 1956 poem, we created a short film lampooning the addictions of our generation.

Narrated by Peter Coyote.
Film by Tiffany Shlain and Ken Goldberg.
Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2011

one percent

One Percent of the Story - 15 min

1% for the Planet is a growing global movement of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. Here’s [a very tiny bit] of the story…trailer

Ben Knight, Travis Rummel



The Majestic Plastic Bag - 4 min

Follow a plastic bag from supermarket to its final migratory destination in the Pacific Ocean gyre. Narrated by Academy Award-winner Jeremy Irons, this "mockumentary" video, hammers home the stark reality of California's plastic bag pollution situation.



When: 7:30 pm Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where: Maverick Center Auditorium, Room 155

Put on by the CMU Sustainability Council and the CMU Outdoor Program.

The time has come for a ski film that stands for something.  Join Sherpas Cinema as they unite spectacular cinematography with creative cinematic language to fuse passion for skiing with motivation for green initiatives and forward thinking.  In bringing the planet to life and drawing parallels between daily existence, they find a common ground between the global situation and the real individual. 

Sherpas Cinema has been an established entity in the North American ski-film industry for over 8 years now and they are set apart from the norm through their unbridled creativity, artistic flare, and motives of environmental and educational consciousness.  Their film, All.I.Can., is a spectacular visual and emotional journey from the personal to the world perspective.

Broken into the three areas of focus, the Sherpas take us on a confronting, magical and inspiring path.  Emphasizing the ‘ALL’ that has impacted our world in a natural and anthropogenic sense, what ‘Individuals in mountain cultures have recognized to be issues and what changes we ‘CAN’ strive to implement globally and make in our everyday lives.  Featured athlete JP Auclair drives home the sobering thought and environmental motivation that the film creates, stating “we feel like we need to be doing less of this and less of that.  But I don’t think it’s about doing less, it’s about doing more”.  These personal goals, motivations and passions for encouraging environmental awareness around the world, and especially in the winter climes that support the lifestyle of the professional athletes presented in the film, are portrayed throughout in an adrenaline-filled, inspired fashion.

The incredible natural cinematography, integrated music and structural components of the film have melded together in a chillingly awe-inspiring presentation of various layers, messages and stories. Taking ski-filmmaking to an entirely new level, the Sherpas are going beyond tricks and big lines and injecting a sense of morality and social responsibility.

Ski Picture