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Forum attendees will learn why methane pollution is happening, where it is coming from and the effects it has on people and the environment.


Sustainability Council to host public forum on methane pollution

Colorado Mesa University's Sustainability Council, in partnership with The Wilderness Society and other local conservation groups, will host a public forum on for West Slope residents, focusing on methane pollution and waste from oil and gas wells. The March 30 forum, held at 6pm in the University Center's Meyer Ballroom, will feature a panel of experts and a public question and answer session.

Attendees will learn why methane pollution is happening, where it is coming from and the effects it has on people and the environment. The panel includes public health, public land and air quality experts discussing impacts of the venting, flaring and leaking of natural gas.

A recently drafted Bureau of Land Management rule attempts to address the issue of natural gas waste on public lands. If the proposed rule is finalized in its current form, it may clean up thousands of oil and gas operations across the West, leading to improved air quality.

Supporters also anticipate that the rule will stimulate local economies, as small businesses will be created to help companies comply with the new standards. This has already happened to a certain extent in Colorado, which has similar regulations at the state level.

Forum attendees will have the opportunity to ask panelists questions about natural gas waste and methane pollution.

The forum will be hosted by Tim Casey, PhD, CMU political science professor and director of the Redifer Institute's Natural Resource Center. The event is co-sponsored by Citizens for Clean Air, Great Old Broads, Western Colorado Congress and Organizing for Action Grand Junction.

The CMU Sustainability Council is a student-led organization that aims to help instill in students a holistic understanding of human impacts on the environment. Through initiatives such as the establishment and operation of the CMU/Western Colorado Community College compost facility, implementation of on-campus recycling initiatives and the establishment of a campus garden, the Sustainability Council works to lessen the environmental impact of the CMU student body.

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